So far in Inala we have successfully assisted over 65 people from the local Indigenous Community to attain a Drivers Licence and gain Employment through our Buckle-Up and Civil Construction Courses.

These participants come from all walks of life and include Single Moms / Dads, Ex Prisoners, Previous Substance Abusers, People in Homeless Shelters, Early School Leavers, Victims of Domestic Violence, Mature Aged individuals – who have never had the opportunity to get a Car Licence as well as people who have personally expressed to us that they were close to ending their life before we offered them an opportunity that they took and have since turned their life around.

It has been a pleasure getting to know all the different people and the talent that exists right here in Inala.

Buckle Up Program Tests 28/06/18

Lend Lease - showgrounds upgrade visit 17/05/18

Seymor Whyte - port of brisbane site visit 15/05/18

BRisbane Civil Construction Program - March 2018

Life skills - cooking class 21/03/18

BUCKLe up program


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